2019 Adult Recognition Brunch is Deferred

The annual Adult Recognition Brunch is deferred from Saturday, May 2, until we can safely gather together and reschedule.

In the meantime, please join us in congratulating those receiving recognition for their contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic youth in the programs of the Boy Scouts of America.

Our 2019 honorees are:

Scroll of Honor

  • Gian Alpuche
  • Geno Aguilar
  • Kenneth Berntsen
  • Jerry Black
  • Elizabeth Camp
  • James Davin
  • Kyle Gardner
  • Albert Holden
  • Angela King
  • Morgan Lasala
  • Vincent Manning
  • Marcus McMahan
  • Rev. Joseph Methanath
  • Rev. James Murphy
  • Adriana Ordonez
  • Chris Parker

  • Stephen Polk
  • Charles Raimond Jr.
  • Jason Thekkekara
  • Zach Weimer
  • Devin Zacharevicz

Bronze Pelican

  • Dennis Coburn
  • Rev. Christopher Shackelford
  • Brendan Cronin
  • Tim Fitzgibbon

St. George

  • Mat Burt

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