Annual Emblems and Awards Ceremony – Rescheduled for March 14 in Parsley Center

The Annual Emblems and Awards Ceremony will be held at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory (8900 Bellaire Boulevard) on Sunday, March 14, beginning at 2:00 p.m. in the Parsley Center.  Parking is in the student parking lot accessible by the Bellaire or Gessner entrances.  Here is the link to a map of the campus – Scroll down to see it and the facility labels.   

Virus precautions will be in effect.  Everyone is to wear a mask for the event.  Assigned seating will be by family group with their Scout(s) in alphabetical order by parish of course instruction.

  • Scouts and family members (parents and siblings only) must be present by 1:15 for seating and ceremony instructions.
  • Scouts are to be in full field uniform (Scout shirt, Scout pants, Scout belt, and Scout socks).  A merit badge sash is fine.  The OA sash is not appropriate wear as this is not an OA event.  Bring a neckerchief slide for the neckerchief that will be provided ahead of the ceremony.
  • A family picture will be taken as the award is presented to the Scout.  Parents and siblings should dress appropriately.  Parents who are Scouters may wear Scouter uniform if so desired.

We should conclude by 3:30, if not sooner.