Why do we have Catholic Scouting?

Catholic Scouting is a ministry of the Catholic Church. There are many ministries in the the Catholic Church; this is only one. For example, a ministry that we are all familiar with might be a food pantry. Catholic Scouting ministers to youth registered as members of the Boy Scouts of America.  While secular Scouting may be more concerned with Scouting skills as a final objective of Scouting, Catholic Scouting uses the skills learned in Scouting as a tool to achieve a closer union with Our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many Catholic youth registered to troops that are not chartered to Catholic churches or Catholic organizations such as the Knights of Columbus.  These youth may participate fully in all of the programs of Catholic Scouting and are eagerly invited to participate and benefit.

Troops, packs and/or crews having their chartering organization as a Catholic church, operate somewhat differently than other Scout troops. For example, decisions of leadership are made at the Pastoral level and not through any vote or committee action. The activities of the troop are focused toward the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ.