Rev. Pat Garrett

Phone: 281-367-9885

Dennis Coburn

Phone: 281-381-8614
Previous Chairman

Charlie Harbin

Phone: 281-745-4703
Past Chairman

Bernard Groce

Phone: 281-610-1694

Kim Groce

Phone: 281-455-2262

Chris Miller

Phone: 713-973-6742

Zach Weimer

Phone: 8326559001
Emblems Training

Matt Maranto

Phone: (720) 980-9675
Cub Scout Emblems

Rachel Miller

Phone: 713-973-6742
Emblems Counselors

Dennis Coburn

Phone: (281) 381-8614
Web Master

Kenneth Berntsen

Phone: 281-802-0711

Mailing address:

c/o Melvin Hart
8618 Sonneville
Houston, TX 77080-3517


Chaplain: Rev. Pat Garrett 281 367-9885
Chairman: Charlie Harbin
Chairman-Elect: (your name here!) 713 729-5929
Immediate Past Chairman: Bernard Groce 281 610-1694
Secretary: Judith Joe 713 682-7435
Treasurer: Mel Hart 713 462-1464

Standing Committees:

Communications: Kathy Riley 281 859-8256
   Chairman-Elect: (your name here!)  
   Immediate Past Chairman: Mary Jones 281 793-6163
   Sam Houston Area Council newsletter: eScouter  
   Bay Area Council newsletter: Coastliner  
Emblems Training: Nick Lopez 713 502-0853
   Chairman-Elect: (your name here!)
   Immediate Past Chairman: Deacon Tim Hartnett 713 446-5349
   Light is Life emblem: Eugene Kuchta  
Finance: Ed Herrera 713 683-7819
   Chairman-Elect: (your name here!)
Membership: Richard Havard 713 532-2238
   Chairman-Elect: (your name here!)
   Immediate Past Chairman: Roger Morris 713 729-5929
   Central Vicariate
      Chairman: (your name here!)
   Southern Vicariate
      Chairman: (your name here!)
   Northern Vicariate
      Chairman: (your name here!)
   Western Vicariate
      Chairman: (your name here!)
   COR Relations: (your name here!)
Lay Apostolate Formation: Bruce Davis 281 488-5591
   Chairman-Elect: (your name here!)
   Immediate Past Chairman: Bill Barnes 281 469-9137
   Central Vicariate
      Certified Lay Apostolate Formation Facilitator: (your name here!)
   Southern Vicariate
      Certified Lay Apostolate Formation Facilitator: Bruce Davis 281 488-5591
   Northern Vicariate
      Certified Lay Apostolate Formation Facilitator: Jane Chaya
   Western Vicariate
      Certified Lay Apostolate Formation Facilitator: David Rypien 832 395-4268
Vocations: (your name here!)
Sam Houston Area Council Liaison: Arlette Hinojosa (Work) 713 756-3382
(Cell) 713 689-9607
Bay Area Council Liaison: John Bernzen 979 235-7758
Facilities: Roger Morris 713 729-5929
   Immediate Past Chairman: Tad Halbach 713 222-0980
Quartermaster: Joe Jones 281 352-9980
Immediate Past Quartermaster: Mac Garza 281 341-7954
Historian: Jack Drapela 713 956-1779
Webmaster: Erich Wolz 713 283-8044
   Immediate Past Webmaster: Anthony Hickey

Event Chairs:

Puff-Up (Oct): Rachel Miller 713 498-2254
Retreat (Oct): Bernard Groce
Christmas Party (Dec): Mary Jones 281 793-6163
Board of Review (Jan): Nick Lopez 713 502-0853
Awards Selection Committee (Jan): Andre Marte 713 304-6804
Scout Sunday (Feb): (your name here!)
Officer Nominations (Feb): (your name here!)
Adult Recognition Brunch (Mar): (your name here!)
Scout Fair (Apr): Stuart Saims
David Rypien
713 248-7723
832 395-4268
Day of Reflection (May or June): (your name here!)
NCCS Region 10 Meeting (even years): (your name here!)